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Testimonial 10



Dear Doctor Gift,

I was sent to you by another doctor. I had to have surgery on both bottom jaw bones because another doctor extracted 3 teeth in the back and did not do it right. After 3 surgeries from the other doctor I was sent to see Dr. Gift. He did a CT Scan, and I had something left in my jaw. Dr. Gift did the surgery and it took him 1 hour and 15 minutes. My recovery was the best anyone could pray for. I have to take blood thinners because of two heart attacks. But Dr. Gift promised me he didn’t have to stop the thinners. Dr. Gift did my surgery on a Thursday 7:15am and by Friday afternoon I was up and going. He is a true blessing from God and has hands of gold. God bless this man with the name of Gift. Because he is a blessing from God with hands of steel & gold. He is truly a Gift from God. Thank You from my heart and soul Dr. Gift you are a blessing. Thank You to the staff they were great to me. God bless you and family.

December 10, 2015