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I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out today (day before Thanksgiving). I feel wonderful. Dr. Gift eased all of my worries and was nothing but a TREMENDOUS help! The operation took only 20 minutes. The fact that I’m not in too much pain shows how good of a dentist/surgeon he is! I was very surprised over how caring he was. I expected them to have my husband walk me to our car or him have a nurse bring me, but he himself wheeled me out to the car and helped me get in. When I woke up I also had a voicemail from him checking on me and reminding me on things I can start doing tomorrow. He also told me I could call him if I had any questions at all… What a great, helpful dentist to be willing to answer anything on Thanksgiving!! I couldn’t be more pleased with my operation! I’ll definitely be referring him to everyone I know for dental work! Thank you so much Dr. Gift for making my experience go much, much better than I expected!! You’re the greatest!!

Chelsea December 2, 2015